• lovely wine pot made into a lamp. 
  • I love to use these pots for my projects!

  • This pot has been used in rice wine breweries to let yellow rice wine ferment outside during winter before selling it. The practice of using this kind of pots for making rice wine goes back over 2000 years, and they are still used today for traditionally made rice wine in Shaoxing, China


  • It carries the stamp of their rice wine maker. 

  • the shade size is 45/15/18 

  • Colour: Grey, white

    Length: 19cm Width: 19cm Height: 25-30cm

    Material: Ceramics

    chalky organic style

    from around 1950

    Origin: Hunan province, China

     the shade size is 45/15/18 in the cNatural Linnen.

Table Lamp, Old wine pot